Outfit: Pine & Clover

I came home from work carrying this bouquet of flowers my boss and I designed the other day for a corporate event and created this outfit inspired by the flowers. It's a neat take on fall with the orange Dahlias, Ranunculus and Orchids and red Celosia. I designed a wedding of a friend last weekend and I will post the photos of that bouquet which is very "traditional fall" as soon as I can! :) These boots are from Modern Vice by the way... and I'm totally in love with them and obsessed. I've been following Amy Roiland's fashion blog and that's how I found out about Modern Vice... so dreamy and made in NYC! 
Outfit Details: Boots- Modern Vice 
Dress/shorts: vintage
Hat: Anthropologie (thanks, Anna!)
Scarf: Made by Maria Mejia ♥
love, polly

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Avellia Anwar said...

cute look

Mrs. Aa