Visiting Portland, Oregon

 My first time to Portland was a blast and there were SO many flowers! I loved riding around in Dillon's car and cruising all the pink, blue and purple hydrangea bushes on literally every block. We visited so many beautiful restaurants and vintage shops while I was there. I would truly move to Portland if I didn't have commitments in Chicago already! Our first stop was Voodoo Doughnuts and I loved the colors & atmosphere. I was also elated that they had vegan doughnuts! We walked around downtown and did some vintage shopping before visiting Pittock Mansion and doing a little bit of hiking. We went on a hike to Oneonta Falls the last day of the trip and it was breathtaking. Thankfully this hike went better than the hike in Denver did (I almost perished). 
Dillon keeping Portland weird...... 
A fresh Banksia Protea (I've only ever seen them dried before this day!)
The second day we visited the Washington Park Rose Garden. As you can imagine, it was pure heaven for me.
Beautiful Smokebush!
Thank you for showing me around Portland, Dillon.... I had a blast and I can't wait to go back!
love, polly