Baltimore & D.C. Travels

Visiting Baltimore last week was literally a breath of fresh air. I stayed with my first cousins Jaki and Luke for a long weekend and they live very close to the airport. It was only an hour and a half to fly to Baltimore from Chicago- so it was a breeze! Baltimore was filled with colorful row houses and the feeling of the East coast which I love so much. I had whole crabs for the first time and my cousins taught me what Old Bay seasoning and Yuengling beer is. They seriously looked at me like I was mad when I asked our server what Old Bay was! Haha! One night, Jaki took me to a "lolita karaoke night" where everyone was dressed in lolita fashion (a Japanese street fashion which influences my style). The birthday girl was fluent in Japanese so I stared at her in awe as she sang karaoke in Japanese in her cute little Angelic Pretty dress and matching purse. I have never actually SEEN someone wearing Angelic Pretty in real life- I've only read about it and watched videos! The sweet lolita in myself was secretly jealous! :)
As for the vintage, antiques and oddities in Baltimore, we found plenty downtown! It was actually exhausting how many neat antique & vintage shops there are in Baltimore.
 I also wanted to visit Divine's grave and put some flowers there but it turned out to be in another town 25 minutes outside of Baltimore and it was raining the day I wanted to go. I settled for visiting Hampden Junque, Atomic Books and Cafe Hon (which are local John Waters watering holes). Of course I didn't leave Baltimore without purchasing some amazing Divine and John Waters post cards at Atomic Books where John Waters receives his fan mail!
My first cousin Jaki and Me.
The best strong black east coast coffee and homemade coconut cake at Cafe Hon, a famous John Waters attraction in Baltimore.
Atomic Books and John Waters' Christmas Cards he sends to the book store every year. There's also a neat cafe inside this book store!
 Downtown Baltimore & Baltimore Harbor area.
Hampden Junque where Divine & John Waters art was abundant. There were also posters everywhere for an upcoming Divine Monument that is to be erected. This place has so many oddities that will make you giggle.
 Papermoon Diner is a must-see when in Baltimore, too! You can stare at this little diner for hours on end! The french toast is wonderful, too! We wanted the lavender milkshake but they sold out!
Downtown Baltimore after vintage shopping all day.
On the last day of the trip, I went to Washington D.C. with my first cousin Luke and my Uncle Clark. The Magnolia trees were blooming and we ate at a local Indian food truck parked next to the monument. I finally got to see the Lincoln Memorial and the famous reflection pool before it started to rain heavily. I can't wait to go back to DC, again! Do you have any recommendations for Baltimore or DC next time I visit? XO!
love, polly


Sammi said...

Loved these photos! I've never been to Baltimore, but it's so nice to live vicariously through you! Hope all is well with you, beautiful <3

xox Sammi

Amanda said...

Wow! What a beautiful visit. I have never been to Baltimore, but I imagine it would be the type of town I'd love to live in, although being Canadian, that would only happen in my dreams! But if I do visit, I will have to visit some of the places you mentioned!