What I did on 4/20 this year

So... This is a music video directed by my friend Zach Rudd. We met through Clayton Fox not too long ago and decided to collaborate. I offered my apartment for a single scene filming "set" and I'm pretty certain you can tell what room is mine, haha! You can see my "Paulie Antiques Show" sign in the background a bit. The rest of the scenes were NOT shot in my apartment. It turns out that he took me up on my offer on April 20th- and part of this music video was created. He showed up at my door with Adrienne, the star of this video and I instantly loved her. Brett Rolstad shot the video and everyone was incredibly fun. It was an awesome time collaborating with Adrienne and Zach and Brett about what Adrienne should wear and do. I just loved the whole process. Thanks for including me in your video, guys! Have fun in China and India, Zach! You will be missed. 
love, polly