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Lauren and I have had our share of online dating... are you in the same boat? We thought we'd share our experience and tips on what to look for when you're considering online dating.
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Samantha Minny said...

I met my current boyfriend on OkCupid and we're very happy together! It was a bit of a fluke I think as he was the first person in NZ from a dating website that I met up with and we hit it off straight away.
I think a big tip is to be straight forward and honest on your profile, you're more likely to find someone who suits.

Claire Petersen said...
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Claire Petersen said...

I completely agree with your sunglasses comment! If I can't see their face it kinda takes away from the whole point of Tinder!

Technicolour Dreamer

Delores Harshaw said...

You two are both hilarious, I love seeing these videos. I don't know much about the online dating world, but this definitely put a smile on my face c:

Sammi said...

This is brilliant. My ex and I met on OKC (it was like, a fairytale and then turned into an epic fail), and then I dated a couple of guys from Tinder... I think it's sort of a fun app but there are a lot of dumb guys on there. I used it back when not a lot of people knew what it was, so maybe it's improved now.

xox Sammi

Vikee said...

Amazing post/video

Love Vikee