Outfit: Dream State

My schedule has been so strange since begging working at Pump Room... I work mostly weekends and sometimes I am expected to start shifts at 6 AM which requires me to wake up at 4 AM. It feels like a dream almost- I have very weird sleeping hours now. I am so happy to have a steady job, though- I need something to rely on if I am going to stay in Chicago. I made this flower crown last month while visiting my home in Taylorville. It's definitely for sale in the Paulie Antiques shop. I also love this pleated mint skirt c/o Chicwish.. It has a matching fabric belt which I love! 
I found this vintage purse while at Goodwill in St. Louis a few years ago and it's been one of my favorite purses ever since... I get so many compliments about it! 
I hope you're having a happy week! Stay inspired and work hard!
Outfit Details: Hydrangea Crown: Made by me, Paulie Antiques
purse & blouse: vintage, Goodwill
Skirt: c/o Chicwish
Shoes: Vintage
Knee Socks: UO
love, polly


Madeupgirl said...

Such a cute outfit and blog.



Sammi said...

So pretty and dreamy, Polly. I was wondering where you were now! Also... I just realized how much you look like a girl I work with and it's freaking me out a little. You two could be sisters.

xox Sammi

Avellia Anwar said...

lovely skirt

visit mine,
Miss Aa

Demi said...

That flower crown is intense! It makes your head practically twice as tall hehe :P

Adore those boots by the way! You always have the most beautiful vintage finds :)

Demi | carbonchic.com.au

Jennifer said...

I understand exactly what you mean by waking up so early and being in a dream like state. I worked at a coffee shop in a small town, so people would still walk into the store for coffee on snowy days. I just remember one morning trudging through the snow at 5:30 and sitting on the train to get into work. It felt like a sleepy dreamy snowy wonderland. Until I got to work and had some coffee. XD

Sami Spoon said...



Sami Spoon said...



Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

It's awesome you got a steady job even though sleeping hours are weird! Waking up at 4am doesn't sound like fun lol

beautiful!!! I love the whole outfit

lisa said...

I always love your color combos Polly! And what a fun mix of pieces! Congrats on the job. Crazy hours can be hard, I can't imagine getting up at 4, but it's all worth it to make your life in Chicago happen!

Gemma Roberts said...

What a beaut!

Dude, you just keep on keeping on. Remember to enjoy the small seemingly insignificant moments, those are treasures : )

Faded Windmills

Vikee said...

You look beautiful.
Gorgeous ensemble.

Love Vikee

Delores Harshaw said...

So beautiful and dreamy! <3

Tanya said...

I love the flower headdress.


Love Glasses said...

So beautiful