Yesterday was a really beautiful day in Chicago. I came home to Lakeview after spending a week at my friend Abby's apartment in Humbolt Park where I was watching her cat, Norman. I checked the mail and this fabulous top came from my amazing friend Miss Grace Eddy. She recently created Babewatch Clothing and already has her designs for sale in the Nylon Magazine Shop! Thank you for the top, Grace... I love it and I love you so much. Meeting Grace in NYC made my life so much happier. Check out my photos of Miss Grace Eddy's Studio tour in Brooklyn!
I spent the day exploring the city by myself with a Thai Iced Coffee c/o Heritage Bicycles & Coffee & Popular Pays and then met up with my friend Camille for a get together in Pilsen. I haven't been to Pilsen for a few years and I'm excited to start getting to know that area of Chicago even better. There is so much to explore in Chicago. I'm only just getting started! .
Congratulations, Grace! Hard work pays off- I miss working with you at the iLuminate Costume Shop every day! Babewatch has a few more pieces in the Nylon Magazine Shop including the Yin Yang Tiny Tank, DUH Mesh Top (green), DUH Mesh top (pink)Faux Fur Tank Top, Black Alien Mesh Tee & Green Alien Mesh Tee.
Outfit Details: Daisy Tiny Tank: c/o BABEWATCH CLOTHING
Earrings: c/o You Were Swell aka the fabulous Sophie McMahan
Sunglasses: c/o GlassesUSA
Skirt: Vintage (it even has the union label in it!)
Boots: Vintage 1980's, from Adrienne Weber (for sale- size 8.5)
Green Velvet Fascinator: Antique Mall in Illinois
Tights: UO
Bagpack: Nevermind
love, polly


Annika Victoria said...



But I love this outfit & photos so much!

And oh my gosh, Sophie McMahan is amaaaazing! I want those earrings!

Marie said...

Love everything about this outfit! Adorable crop top and those earings are too cute!


Anupriya DG said...

Such a lovely crop top!! And those earrings are cuteness!!! <3

Jamie S said...

That top. Those boots. GAH! Amazing.

Gato Enojado said...

Perfect earrings<3

Delores Harshaw said...

Everything about this outfit is perfect! & I love the background for the images. It looks like you've had an incredible time exploring the city and I can't wait to see more posts about it <3