My Record Collection | The Paulie Antiques Show

Hey guys! I haven't posted this video on my blog, yet... so I thought I'd share it here, too! Here's all of my records. I actually donated and gave away a few last year before moving to NYC so here's what I kept! Do you have a record player? Tell me about it! I love hearing stories about people's record players and how they acquired them. Mine is my dad's from the 1970's. It's a Juliette! XO
love, polly


Patrick weseman said...

I love records. I did a blog on some of my records. I still have about 200 from back in the day. I guess that is just being old.

Here is the link:

Samantha Minny said...

You look so serious in the preview image and I understand now that records are serious business!
My mom used to have a record player when we lived on a farm in Knysna, South Africa and we would play the Grease soundtrack and Boney M's Christmas album on the record player. Unfortunately the tip broke and it was incredibly expensive to replace in South Africa.
We donated the records we had to an old age home where the residents loved to listen to vinyl instead of CDs.

maggie luis said...

i really love your blog and i would like to see more about makeup and beauty thanks !

Delores Harshaw said...

I have a record player and like no records :c This post has inspired me tho, I need to get my record-collecting act together!

Faye Caroline - said...

I really enjoyed this video! Your collection makes me feel kind of bad about mine haha, mine's focused on particular artists where as yours is so broad! I love playing records, there aren't really record stores around where I live though which makes getting them a little difficult.