Happy Birthday, Mom!

Dear Mom,
Thank you for raising me with manners and couth. Thank you for raising me at all. Thank you for making my Halloween costumes and inspiring me to be creative myself. Your kind and sensitive heart has also rubbed off on me and your fashion sense has, too. Not only are you beautiful on the inside.... but your beauty shines through in all places. I love you. Happy Birthday! I'm excited to spend it with you.
love, polly


Emma said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely mama Polly! These are beautiful photos of her (and little you!) What a knockout! She must be some woman to have raised such a talented and lovely daughter! Hope you have a lovely time together!

Emma x

Marta Chan said...

Happy birthday to you mom ♥ she looks gorgeous! Hope you girls have a fun day.

Gemma Roberts said...

Ahhh mums really are the best source of inspiration. Gorgeous pictures : )

Faded Windmills

~K said...

Aww, happy birthday Polly's mum ;)