Outfit: Business Vintage

It's no secret that I hate winter and it's when I photograph the least outfits of mine... for sure. I kind of enjoy the room, though- I usually get into a large sewing or painting project or I put a lot of time into my food photography. I just wanted to let you guys know I am really ready for spring more than ever. I was able to snap these photos before heading to work yesterday outside of my parents back yard. The second serious photo cracks me up because I kind of look like a future politician in this collar. This vintage 1970's suit was a gift from my Grandma Kutch's best friend Linda Zimmers. 
Wedges: c/o BAIT Footwear
Belt: vintage
Suit: Vintage, gifted to me from Linda Zimmers (Thanks, again, Linda!)
Blouse: Vintage, U of I Costume & Props Sale
love, polly


~K said...

You are rocking the blue and orange here! I love the eyeliner, it's been too many years since I last wore coloured eyeliner!

I'm so ready for the spring now! The weather is so sunny today but it's that tricky winter sun which makes you believe it is warm when it's really freezing out.

~ K

Viva La DIY said...

Stunning!! Your outfits are always so inspiring.
♡ Dulce

Emma said...

Love love love the orange make up Polly! and your colourful outfit! I am with you, I'm so ready for Spring, I'm trying to enjoy the last of the cold weather (although it could go on for a while longer) by wearing my favourite darker shades but I'm so excited to wear brighter colours.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Emma x

Gemma Roberts said...

Yum!! Love a great skirt suit, this one's a beaut!!

Gemma x
Faded Windmills

Delores Harshaw said...

I would vote for you <3
You look absolutely stunning. Great makeup and the color of that suit looks so fantastic with those leggings and yellow blouse.

thelushscouts said...

Love this outfit! I'm a little on the fence about red tights, but you make them look good! I also really like your makeup! -Cait from The Lush Scouts