Movie of the Week: Cry-Baby (1990)

If I had to choose only one genre of film.... it would be absurdist musicals hands down! It's no surprise I LOVED Cry-Baby considering it's directed by John Waters who also directed Female Trouble starring Divine (another of my all time favorite films ever!!) Cry-Baby is hilarious, ridiculous and over the top like a musical has the right to be and for that it should never have to apologize. I especially enjoyed Johnny Depp's performance as "drape" Cry-Baby and his "square" girlfriend Allison as played by the stunning Amy Locane. This musical is pure 1980's goodness with a twist of 1950's tears. Allison seduces Cry-Baby with her beautiful singing voice and poise, while he entices her with his bad boy "drape" image and that one particular piece of hanging hair and a tear to boot that leaves every male and female audience member eventually drooling on themselves (or their computer screen). Overall, this musical was entertaining and hilarious and I definitely recommend watching any John Waters film you may stumble upon.
*Screencaps by polly bland
love, polly


Kate H said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE Crybaby! I fell in love with Johnny Depp so many times watching it ^_^ I may just watch it today in fact, it's been much too long!

Patrick weseman said...

It is a true classic.

Sammi said...

One of my favorite movies of all time!! I adore John Waters (I got to see him speak in Rochester last winter, and it was awesome), and of course, if it's a kooky, retro musical, I'm bound to love it! Great pick, my friend.

xox Sammi

Nancy Wilde said...

An absolute inspiring gem! The 50s revival in the 1980s was pure dope!

Mixed Mediums Theatre said...

Such a great film. Dear lord, Johnny is a beauty!
Cx Mixed Mediums Theatre

Klark Helly said...