Outfit: Winter Green

 It's hard to believe that this is my first outfit post of 2014, but this year has been very snowy and cold in Illinois. 2014 hasn't been the easiest for me, but I seem to be gaining more momentum and happiness every day! I am becoming really productive in the morning hours after my coffee and late at night by candlelight. I've been sending countless letters to friends not hoping for a reply, just hoping to put a smile on their face. I've been working at Rebecca's Antiques and learning new things about antiques and the past and getting to know Rebecca. I am welcoming 2014 and the challenges of post-graduate life. I have started planning for my future and I'm happy for that!
Dess: c/o Pepaloves
Tights: Asian iCandy
Orange Turtle Neck: Banana Republic
Boots: vintage, found thrifting at Goodwill with Benji 
Coat: Vintage, Salvation Army
Hat: Antique, for sale here
Also, I filmed a new vlog about my move to New York City! Have a great day, guys!
love, polly


Sammi said...

Yayy I've been missing your outfit posts! That green dress is stunning on you, dear friend. So sick of the snow! I need to watch your video when I'm not at work, heh. :)

xox Sammi

Bunny Report said...

Love it.. such great photography! ^_^ I wish we had so much snow so we could have a snowball fight :D

Samantha Minny said...

I love your cat stockings. They're just amazing :)

Delores Harshaw said...

I love the photographs, you are too cute!

I can relate to the NYC video so much too. Loved watching it <3

Anonymous said...

lovely post dear !!!

Jess Fets said...

So adorable! I love that coat and the pink hair!
So much snow!! We haven't gotten quite that much here in Pittsburgh!

Lexi Lawrence said...

Love the photos! Your hair is amazing and I have the same tights but the bear version! xo

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Ahhh I used to have a coat in that color, I regret getting rid of it all the time. Also, air conditioner rain is the definitely the worst.

Viva La DIY said...

Lovely, your outfits are always so well coordinated. :]
♡ Dulce

Emma said...

I love your green coat Polly! You look so snug in the snow. Luckily we haven't had any snow in Dublin this year. As much as I do love it, it makes getting around very difficult, so I will just have to admire your photos instead. I loved the short film about the photoshoot too, it looked like so much fun! I just adore your styling, you have such a gift for it!

I'm happy to hear you're feeling positive about the future, sometimes life doesn't go the way we plan, I've found that out the hard way these past few months and it hasn't been easy but I think as long as we're hopeful and we don't give up we can learn from every experience and become even stronger people.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend Polly!

Emma xx

~K said...

Yay! An outfit post! Long time no see, but I'm glad to see one :)
You are always beautiful and well just great! Such a lovely colour on your coat!

~ K