I am a plant owner?

When I moved into my college dorm room freshman year I brought a beautiful purple orchid with me..... it died soon after. After that mishap, I never spent my money on plants because it broke my heart that my beautiful orchid died. Orchids require a lot of care and my busy life really didn't leave much room for the plant. These are the first plants I have owned since then, and they are Moon Cacti! How hard can it be to take care of a few cacti? After purchasing them, I bought Cacti Miracle Gro mix and my Mother gifted her yellow pot to me. They are such a vibrant pop of color in my room.... I really think they brighten my mood!
 Although I didn't have any growing plants in my room for over 5 years, I had a bunch of dried hydrangeas I spray painted sitting in vases. I also started plucking blooming hydrangeas everywhere they grew in my neighborhood and brought them home with me. Unfortunately these fresh hydrangeas never had roots- so they all eventually dried in the vase. I am very preoccupied with pressing, drying, and spray painting hydrangeas in the Spring and Summer- but I don't have a lot to do with plants in the winter other than looking at the dried hydrangeas. These cacti are perfect because they are simple to take care of and colorful, too! I am so happy to have these guys until my precious hydrangeas start blooming again. Hopefully the love and attention these receive this winter will be enough to last through the Spring and Summer when I am obsessing over plucking & pressing as many hydrangeas as possible. I feel like I should give them names...... no?
Thank you Grandma Kutch for buying the orange cactus for me! Have you found it hard to keep your plants alive? Have you a green thumb? I am interested to know.... tell me! :D
love, polly


Viva La DIY said...

Cacti are my favorite due to low maintenance care... although, I've yet to own a plant. Truth be told, I don't feel ready to be a plant owner just yet.
My mom has a bunch of indoor/outdoor plants; she hasn't exactly named them, she refferes to her them as her "babies". :]
♡ Dulce

snow said...

Beautiful colors! I think starting with succulents is a great way to begin with plants. they are easy to care for.

I had an orchid once, they are my favorite flowers, but so hard to care for! I hope to own one again once I become better with plants. We recently bought a little orange tree which I am beyond excited about!! I plan to take great care of it. :)

Delores Harshaw said...

They are beautiful! And totally look like they need names.

I dream of having a place full of fresh cut flowers everyday..if only..

Kate Gould said...

So cute! I'm hoping to get a few little cacti and succulents soon. The colorful ones are adorable!


VP said...

Such wonderful colors!
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Thank you and have an amazing day!

Vikee said...

it is beautiful

love Vikee

thelushscouts said...

I have a little orange Moon Cactus myself! It's pretty easy to keep alive. Other, more leafy succulents give me a much harder time though because I tend to overwater them. I JUST WANT TO LOVE THEM. In the summer I keep an indoor herb garden: basil, thai basil, lavender, mint, lemon verbena. They like all the water I give them. c: I also have a hibiscus that was a return at work and I nursed it back to health. -Cait from The Lush Scouts