Behind the Scenes: More 2013

You may have noticed my love for sharing behind the scenes photos and out-takes.... I have no shame in sharing these because I believe the people behind the camera are just as important as who happens to be in front. I've been keeping these in my archives for a snowy day.... and since Illinois just got about 8 inches of snow.... it looks like today is that day! XO
Hannah and I after throwing glitter for Emily Otnes' Album shoot.
Our team after finishing Emily's album cover shoot.
An adventure at Allerton Park in Monticello, IL with Nathan Adhikari. 
Nora, Clara and me at my studio before the Paulie Antiques Fall 2013 look book
Touching up Allegra Wentworth's lipstick at the Paulie Antiques Winter 2013 look book
First two photos by Anna Longworth, remaining photos by Nathan Adhikari.
love, polly


Lexi Lawrence said...

Love these pictures! It all looks like so much fun xo

Delores Harshaw said...

I love seeing behind the scenes shots. These are especially darling!

Carly said...

I really like behind-the-scenes photos! It's interesting to see how the photographs were created :) xxx

~K said...

I love behind the scenes and outtakes! Can't wait to see more!