Movie of the Week: There's No Business like Show Business (1954)

It's been quite a while since I have seen a movie that is so touching like There's No Business Like Show Business. The story starts out with the Donahue family and their three young children who performed with them on stage- but eventually went to boarding school. While at boarding school, all three of them wanted to leave and join their mother and father in show business once again. The film shows their fabulous acts with dancing and glitzy costumes designed by Travilla and Miles White. Marilyn Monroe (playing Vicky Parker) enters the picture when she appears as the coat check girl at a club frequented by one of the Donahue boys, Tim. Tim quickly falls for Vicky but she has no idea who he is or how famous and successful his family is. After figuring out that he was in show business, as well, she gives him a chance. The acting is truly phenomenal in this film on all counts and the end of the film brought a tear to my eye! A perfect family holiday movie! 
love, polly