The Paulie Antiques Show Episode #2 My Favorite Make Up Products 2013

Here is another episode of The Paulie Antiques Show! I am honored by the response this has been getting, and I really hope that it can only grow from here. I appreciate your input and responses so much! Please don't forget to "thumbs up" my video and subscribe! Please let me know what you think! XO
love, polly


mermaid mint said...

Your new wig is lovely. ♡
I too have been using Marc Jacobs' Daisy perfume... yes yes, I agree, much displeasure to those who douse themselves in fragrance/strong scents.
Oh, nice! That's quite clever to interchangeably use lip/eye liners, I haven't considered it before.
Coincidentally, I've actually been humming 'This Is Halloween' more and more as Halloween approaches. Also, I very much approve of all the glitter. :]
♡ Dulce

~K said...

About the coloured eyeliner, have you looked in the brand Barry M? I used to wear coloured eyeliner all the time a few years back and they had a great selection of eyeliner colours.