My first VLOG: The Paulie Antiques Show episode 1

So, I have been wanting to make a vlog for what feels like a very long time now.... and I'll be making them regularly from now on! I will let this vlog speak for itself! If you like this idea, please thumbs up and subscribe! XO
love, polly


Emma said...

Loved it! Can't wait for the next instalment!

Emma x

Nancy Wilde said...

I love the way you speak! There is something about your voice that reminds me of someone familiar... an actress, maybe?

Angi Solle said...

I loved it, definitely do more!

Viva La DIY said...

Seeing you play your melodica is my favorite part. Thanks for book recommendations; I might looking into reading about Andy Warhol now that you mention it. :]
♡ Dulce