Bella Ritz for Paulie Antiques: Comparing the two shoots from 2012 & 2013

(2012) Shot by Nathan Adhikari & Styled by Polly Bland
So here we have it- two shoots with Bella Ritz modeling for Paulie Antiques. One from Summer 2013 and the other Summer 2012. I know I am a creature of habit when it comes to style and styling specifically, but in this case, Bella couldn't look prettier in blue and pink. We Used fresh hydrangeas in 2013 and dried spray painted ones in 2012. I really enjoy how willing Bella is to run through a field (even though it may be in high heels and there may be spiders on every shoot we take her to.... sorry, Bella!) We love you, Bella! Nathan and I just can't stop raving about how kind, unique, beautiful and helpful you are.
What do you think of the styling for Bella? Which is your favorite? XO! 
*all accessories and clothing owned, styled, and provided by Polly Bland
love, polly


Heather Hohl said...

Beautiful dress in the first photo!!

Leila Rose said...

That editing is amazing! The petticoat dress is particularly beautiful! xx