My 24th Birthday in Princeton, NJ and New York City..

 I visited Hannah and her wonderful family in Princeton, NJ the last couple of days and we laughed, ate, explored and rode bikes. It is so beautiful there. I love eating with her family- there is always interesting conversation and laughing constantly. I learn so much around them. I treasure the time when I am at their house. Thank you for letting me sleep on your couch and feeding me when I needed it most. You guys mean so much to me. I am in your debt.
I am another year older... and I found my very own apartment in New York City yesterday. After much stress, tears, searching, back aching, and money- I found it. It's my own. Thank goodness. I can relax a bit, now! Thank you for the happy birthday wishes on my last post! 
love, polly 


Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

We always have such a wonderful time together! I'm so glad that we could contribute to your birthday and make you feel special :)

ftashion said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You girls look so pretty and it must be such great time together!


Viva La DIY said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations to your latest success!!
♡ Dulce

Tori said...

Yay! Happy belated birthday! And wonderful photos :) Oh and congrats on finding your own apartment in NYC- now that is exciting
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Sammi said...

Yayyy Happy Birthday dear, and so glad you found a place! I think I read you're in Washington Heights, which is closer to where I lived :) Hope you're loving it <3 and these photos are the loveliest!

xox Sammi

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday Polly! Looks like you had a magical birthday filled with love, laughter and plenty of blackberries! The best kind of birthday :)

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Anupriya DG said...

Looks like you had a lovely time with Hannah & her family!! :)

All the best for all new ventures & endeavours in life!

Yomi said...

Happy Birthday! I see you had such a great day !! I love your red lips shade!

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Chris I. Burke said...

Happy Birthday! wish u happy every day!

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The Braided Bandit said...

Aww you two are adorable! Happy Birthday Polly! glad you found your apartment and can finally get settled in!
xo Hannah

Annie's Beauty Blog said...

great pictures! and happy birthday!

how about to follow each other? i'm already following u :)

Salihah M said...

Wonderful post; I loved it!xo
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Ashley said...

looks like you had a fantastic time! Would you like to follow each other via gcf? let me know!


Lena vgolove said...

Great outfit! Beautiful phoros!

Would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin '? Let me know :)

Best wishes!

kate gabrielle said...

Happy belated birthday :) It looks like you were in my neighborhood!! I hope you loved Princeton! :D

Alexandra Marie said...

How much fun, that you were able to get together! Happy birthday <3 <3 Alex


Emma said...

a belated Happy Birthday Polly! I turned 27 on the 15th so we're August Birthday twins! Those blackberries look so delicious, I'm so glad you and Hannah got to spend time together, what a wonderful location too! And congratulations on finding your apartment, I can't wait to see glimpses of it!

Emma x

Aleksandra Panic said...

Happy belated birthday! Just came back from vacation so I'm catching up on my blogs :)