Adventures in New York City

I arrived in New York City today at noon and my friend Francine picked me up. She took these photos of me while flower browsing and also helped me throughout the city and to my hotel. Thank you, Francine! You are truly a ruby among rocks. Thank you for everything today. After taking a much needed shower and nap in my Chelsea hotel, I decided to walk down 7th Avenue- The Fashion District. I explored by myself and I really enjoyed the walk to Times Square. Everyone was out and all of the lights were flashing, people were eating and getting lured into shows by salesman... so much life in this city. I feel it all around me.
love, polly


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a fun day exploring!

Little Chaka said...

thanks for the follow,
just followed you back
awww, youre such a cutie !


MySpecialAgent said...

Seems like you fit right in. I'm afraid of getting lost in NYC and never making it out again. Kind of silly. I just don't like crowds, I suppose. Hope you ace your interview!

Hattitude said...

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polly your so cute! i hope you love your new home New York. have you officially moved there yet?!

talk soon wild child
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Sophie said...

All the food and flowers look wonderful! I can imagine there's such an exciting buzz in New York. Have fun! x

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Tori said...

Such cute photos! :)
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Viva La DIY said...

Ahhh, my sweet tooth is smitten for all of those delectable treats!!
♡ Dulce

Kailey said...

crying because this post is perfect! ALL THAT CANDY ;__;

Jenny Holiday said...

I am so so excited for you!! What an amazing adventure!! Welcome to the Tri-state!! Love from jersey, xo

Kristian said...

I love all the delightful, colorful photos and that dress- fits you so well and adds to the sense of color by contrast.