Inside my Inspiration Sketchbook

Last night I wasn't feeling too well and I decided to sit down and collage some magazines my friend Hannah gave to me after she was done reading them. She makes notes on them and it was interesting to read her thoughts vs seeing what I collaged from the magazines. Thank you for the magazines, Hannah! Anyway- I've had this particular sketchbook for exactly 4 years now and it serves as a quick sketch and an inspirational place for me to collage and get inspired by colors and shapes. I like to take notes in this book, too... and you might be able to make out some notes I took from my first fashion collection from last year. It's a calm place for me.... I highly suggest journaling in this way! Happy Sunday to YOU!
*the ad on the cover of my sketchbook is from summer 2011 Marc Jacobs. I am often so inspired by his work!
love, polly :D


Bella-Marie said...

Brilliant! I love having a nosey into other people's sketchbooks/ scrapbooks/ journals. I love that little window into other people's inner thoughts. These are beautiful, I love the colours you put together in your collages and the face sketches are amazing! SO full of character!


Sammi said...

Oh Polly, this is wonderful. I really enjoy seeing what inspires creativity in other people; it's one of the many reasons I enjoy blogging as well, since other bloggers (like you!) inspire me so much! I love the sketches, and seeing all of the pieces you clipped out.

xox Sammi

Anupriya DG said...

That's such a lovely, fun & inspiring scrapbook you have, girl! :))