Bella Ritz for Paulie Antiques Summer 2013

A few days ago, Bella Ritz and I went on a shoot by one of my favorite ponds in Champaign. We laughed and drank iced coffee after the shoot and I generally had a wonderful time with her despite the fact that she is 15 and I am 23. I admire her courage, sincerity, beauty, and manners to no end. Thank you for being as beautiful inside as you are on the outside, Bella. 
Bella is wearing: Hand dried orange slice earrings, available at Paulie Antiques soon!
A vintage Paulie Antiques dress
Vintage Paulie Antiques gloves
retro 1980's white heels
*all items in photos provided and owned by Polly Bland
love, polly


Bella-Marie said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the whole colour scheme and the feminine feel :)


The Photogramps said...

All the pastels are just gorgeous. That pop of orange? Completely takes it over the top. LOVE IT!

Rachel Yelding said...

Absolutely dreamy <3

Emma said...

Beautiful photos Polly, you and Bella make a great creative team. I lovethe flowers too.

Emma x

ftashion said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the dress and the flowers in the hair!


Leila Rose said...

She looks amazing! I love the shoot!

S. andPaper said...

What a beautiful shoot, the dress is amazing.
Those flowers are called "hortensias" in Spain :)

Alexandra Marie said...

Stunning! Beautiful set up! Alex

Isabella Stockwell said...

A genuinely beautiful blog post - looks amazing!

Isabella x

Laura said...

These pictures are so gorgeous! Looks like you had a blast!


Sammi said...

These photos are so so beautiful. Hydrangeas are among the prettiest flowers, I'd say. And the mint dress is gorgeous! Sigh, I just want to live in a Polly-styled world all the time. :)

xox Sammi

Nancy Wilde said...

wow! wonderfully dreamy! well done!