Outfit: Working for the Weekend

I recently landed a job as a Costume Rental lady at shop called Dallas & Co. Costumes and Magic. I've been working 40 hours a week and it's tiring but I am learning so much about renting and fixing costumes, helping customers achieve the make up design they're dreaming up, and putting together costumes for customers. It is really great experience and a great stepping stone for my future career! I am content because I get to sew and that makes me so happy! I will share photos of the store soon- and I've already shared some snippets on my vine account here and here! It's a REALLY fun place to work! 
This blouse was sent to me courtesy of Joules and it is absolutely beautiful! It's the highest quality blouse that I own now because all of my blouses are vintage and thrifted. It's really wonderful to receive something new that no one has worn beside you for once.. haha! It's made from the softest fabric and I love the pleated bib along with the jabot that ties in the front! I will definitely be wearing this blouse for future job interviews and at work! It's very chic and professional. Thank you, Elly! I adore this blouse!
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Oh! And here's a new sketch of mine! 
Outfit details: blouse c/o Joules
shoes c/o Yeswalker
red vest- vintage, Salvation Army in Edwardsville, IL
earrings- made by me via Paulie Antiques
pants- vintage, Salvation Army
lipstick- Revlon lip stain in Gothic
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love, polly


Kailey said...

Gorgeoussss Polly! :*

Annika Victoria said...

You are so beautiful! :)
That job sounds so perfect for you!
And oh! I just bought very similar shoes from yeswalker - i think they're just in a different colour. And now I'm really excited about them :D

Beauty Follower said...

Love love love your look
and the yummy earrings!

Sammi said...

Ugh gorgeous as always! And that sounds like a fun job!! I love being surrounded by costumes... which is probably why I do what I do and my wardrobe looks the way it does. :)

xox Sammi

Tori said...

loving the pins! :)
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Emma said...

Your new job sounds great! I know if can be tiring working full time especially in retail where you're on your feet all day but I can imagine you are in your element! I love your outfit and the hair action shot! Red lips really suit you too!

Emma x