Outfit: No Longer Blue

I bought this dress today at a private vintage sale at my friend Adrienne Weber's house. Their house reminds of me of what my Grandmother Kutch's antique shop looked like when I was a child. They had an absolutely beautiful vintage piano that I wanted to play so badly! There was also a separate room for clothes and jewelry. As I sorted through the rack of clothing- there were pieces from the 1920's, and even the late 1800's. These pieces always awe and shock me and it's true research for a costume designer to see these kind of garments in person (in valuable condition, that is..). We made a plan to work together next Thursday and I am going to model some of these clothes for her, and they will appear in my shop, Paulie Antiques. I will do my very best to curate, measure, describe and sell them in my store, with the help of Adrienne. This is a very exciting adventure and I LOVE wearing clothing from the 1800's! I feel like I am in another era and I adore that feeling. I am so excited to tell you more... but you'll have to wait until at least Thursday! XO!
outfit details: hat- for sale at my store, Paulie Antiques
dress- vintage, bought from Adrienne Weber
shoes- c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear! (Thank you, Tina!)
gloves- thrifted at Salvation Army
socks- unopened at Salvation Army
wig- Dallas & Co.
love, polly


Sammi said...

Ah you gorgeous creature! This dress is beautiful on you (and I will be anxiously awaiting these bound-to-be-stunning items in your shop!), and I've been eyeing that hat in your shop! So lovely.

xox Sammi

Eva Marie Close said...

Amazing! That dress is so elegant. Just on a first glance it brings to mind thoughts of another time.
x eva

Nancy Wilde said...

So pretty! This outfit reminds me of China Blue (: x

Emma said...

That dress is to die for! It looks like it was made for you! What a great find! I just love you in this wig, it's so cute!

Emma x

PS Amazing shoes!!!

Lauren said...

I am in love with that dress! x

kelsie marie mcnair said...

your. bod. wutttt