Framed Pressed Hydrangea

One of my best friends Hannah just graduated from high school last week and this is one of the presents I gave her. I found this beautiful hydrangea growing all by it's lonesome last September 29 when I thought all of the hydrangea blooms on the bushes had wilted away. It was almost a miracle to find such a perfect hydrangea blooming at that time of year last year and the color was so vivid and beautiful. I immediately plucked it and let it soak up some water in a vintage milk glass vase I bought in St. Louis for a few days before pressing it, and this is how it turned out. It was a purple color and it ended up pressing blue! I am actually beginning to believe that it is magic... it pressed so perfectly. The last photo is an instagram photo of the hydrangea the day it was pressed!
love, polly :)


Jamie S said...

What a lovely gift! So pretty

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

Thank you for being such a spectacular friend! You mean the world to me!

Kalie said...

This is so cute! It came out perfectly.