Blue Brocade & Wedding Day Satin

I remember trying this dress on at one of Adrienne Weber's vintage sales at the Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant last year and absolutely loving it, but not buying it due to limited funds (TEARS!). Upon trying the dress on again: WOW. This dress is not only classy and beautiful, it is figure fitting! I was surprised at just how well this dress fits me! It's truly one of a kind and it takes someone special to have confidence to wear it out in public. Believing in yourself is key to getting what you want in life. Here's to being confident and chasing after your dreams! This dress definitely makes me feel empowered.... Nevertheless, you may buy this dress at my store Paulie Antiques! It is now for sale! I am offering it to you....... .
I love Brocade!!
Oh- and the hat is a bridal hat made from white satin. It makes me feel a little more special... like a princess getting ready to meet a prince. I like imagining fairytales like that in my head a lot, lately.... But, sadly- I am still searching for my prince.
What do you think about this dress? Where would you wear it? What accessories would you pair with it?
Photos by Nathan Adhikari
Styled by Adrienne Weber
love, polly :D


Suzy Smith said...

I absolutely love the neckline and shoulders on that dress! Beautiful!

Vintage Amore Blog

ftashion said...

Gorgeous dress! Love the colour so much!

ashlapin said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
i might actually consider hemming it into a fun little party dress. Sacrilege, I know, but just picture it with some fun pink or dark blue heels? darling.

Sammi said...

This dress is so stunning on you. It's almost a crime that it's not going to just stay with you!!

xox Sammi

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

You look like an absolute princess!