A Visit from my Sister Emily

Last week my sister Emily and her husband Errick came to Illinois visit for two days and we shared a lot of genuine moments. I loved driving to and from Chicago with them playing the guitar and melodica in my backseat and I will never forget singing along with them for the first time. I am shy about my voice- but Errick encouraged me to step out into the light and sing... so I chose a Bright Eyes song, of course.... haha!
 On the last day of their visit, they surprised me with a picnic at work and after I got off we went slack-lining (my first time! What a blast and very addicting!). I want to join the circus- so this is perfect. Ha!
Emily has an absolutely beautiful voice and I remember hearing her play the piano when we had a house together in Edwardsville. We had piano lessons together and themed parties... I miss living with her so much. If you'd like to hear some of her songs, visit her Youtube Page! Also, here is a link to her last visit, antique shopping with her, downtown Champaign with her, & my visit with her in Chicago. Thank you for being in my life, Emily. It was wonderful meeting you, Errick! See you two soon!
love, polly


Rachel Yelding said...

How idyllic! It looked like a lovely visit <3

Holly-Bella said...

looks like you had a great time! I want to join the circus too ;)

Suzy Smith said...

You'll be crossing the grand canyon in no time! ;-)
Vintage Amore

Photostorming said...

Wow, what a cool sister, I love her voice too :)