A closer look at my studio

I shared a small studio tour when I first moved into this apartment here. I am moving out of this apartment on the last day of July of this year. I am REALLY going to miss this space. It's a place that is all my own... and that is something I am not going to have for a long time. Happy Sunday to YOU!
love, polly


irene wibowo said...

wow.. cool studio! :)
Irene Wibowo

Δέσποινα said...

It's a very nice place!!!!

Georgia Rose said...

Oh man, your apartment is amaaazing! I love all the stuff! This is probably what my home would look like if I didn't have my boyfriend living there to moderate me and keep me at a limit of one tapestry per wall.

Eva Marie Close said...

I would love to see a photographs of your new place when you get all set up too! It seems like such a creative space. I wish I was one of those people who could have a clutter of delight but unfortunately I'm too prone to tidying things up if I catch a book out of place.
x eva