Breakfast at Nico's (part two)

My friend Nico made Liz (an MFA costume designer I go to college with) and I breakfast at his apartment a week or so ago. It was such a beautiful morning. We had mimosas, slow scrambled eggs with green onions, roasted mushrooms and broccoli, fresh berries, coffee and home made biscuits. I love having breakfast at Nico's apartment. He is such a fabulous friend! Thank you for everything Nico and Liz! I love you. See the first time I had breakfast at his place!
love, polly


Afina blog said...

Grate dinner!

Meg said...

Looks delicious!! I love the pics :-) Xo

Nancy Wilde said...

I wish I was hungry enough in the morning so I could have an epic breakfast like that!!!

Eva Marie Close said...

I love it when people put such effort into the little things an often-forgotten detail such as breakfast suddenly turns into something magical.

Thank you for sharing!

x eva

Chantal Dawn Blows said...

Your Blog is Lovely... Great Pictures!