Spring pressing

These photos were taken while on a cold spring walk at about 7 PM today. All the crocuses that were blooming on my sunny run yesterday have closed up to protect themselves from the cold... but the fact they have emerged at all gives me hope that spring will arrive soon and I'll be released from this shell I've been detained in. I pressed a few crocuses in my Eugene O'Neill play book to remember this day by. Patches of white snow still exist from our 18 inch snow storm last week, but they have all mostly melted away. Happy (early) Spring!
love, polly


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited for spring, too! Can't wait to go on long walks and runs with you and snap photos of blooming flowers!

Emma said...

Those crocuses are the most incredible colour! I can't believe you had 18 inches of snow, I thought our mini blizzard was bad! The sun was out today though so I'm hoping Spring is finally on it's way

Hope you're well Polly!

Emma x

Photostorming said...

So amazing crocuses!!! I hope all we'll have spring soon :)