Outfit: Spring Awakening

Today has been an incredibly beautiful day outside and I plan to get back outside after finishing this post. I've been listening to the true oldies channel on the radio and driving around in my car with the windows all the way down. It's such a wonderful feeling after experiencing winter for what seemed like  an entire year, almost. I stumbled upon this sun dial and thought it was such a beautiful tribute to the fact that the sun is finally out and nature is blooming all around! I hope it's sunny and warm where you are! XO!
outfit details:
wedges- Seychelles
purse- 1950's, Salvation Army
knee highs- Salvation Army, unopened
dress- Max and Riley
fascinator hat- vintage, gift from Elsie via Red Velvet (thanks, again, Elsie!)
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love, polly


Rebecca Tan said...

simply love this post and everything about them. Looks like such a beautiful day and the trees in these photos are stunning and you like so lovely. Loving the white stockings and wedges xxx

miss teacups said...


Wowza. I love that tree and am so jealous of the obvious spring weather you are having that we are not :(

You're a beauty.

Sammi said...

Ohhh my gosh. How incredibly breathtaking!! That purse! That dress! That PARASOL!!! And those flowers are simply beautiful. I'm so jealous you are somewhere springier than where I am! And also... your hair is gorgeous!

xox Sammi

Nancy Wilde said...

WOW! Heavenly :) Exquisite outfit and you look beautiful! x

Brittany Sims said...

Love the outfit and photos. The Flowers are extremely beautiful, we don't have flowers like that in California. You are always so beautiful!


Epic Thread said...

This is beautiful! I love how the pop of color is your blue polka dot wedges. So Spring!

Jillian -