Outfit: phases of time and nature

I've been thinking about phases today and how human nature and the earth correspond to phases. A new phase of nature is upon us and I couldn't be happier that Spring is blooming all over central Illinois. I can certainly feel myself phasing out of the life I once had as a carefree college student (although I haven't graduated quite yet..) My morals have changed and I've become smarter with investing my time in creative endeavors and working harder than I ever have in my life. I don't regret the past or the phases of my past; they're essential for learning and growing into a better person. As for Spring, I for one am so ready for the sidewalks to fill with beautiful little flower petals falling off trees and looking into a sky purpled by the branches and buds of redwoods.
outfit details:
heels- Jeffrey Campbell via Free People
knee socks- UO
dress- Rolla Coster
earrings- handmade by me via Paulie Antiques

love, polly


Anna - Nie jestem Modna said...

great dress

Jamie said...

Those earrings are nuts! One more unique Paulie creation to add to my wishlist

Sammi said...

This outfit is awesome! Those earrings!!! And I love the knee-high socks with those incredible shoes!

xox Sammi

marama said...

Great boots =)


Emma said...

You look like a 60s model, like Jean Shrimpton or something. I love the stripy dress! I agree about phases in your life and learning and growing. I felt the same way when I was nearly done with college. The change in season always makes me think about change in my life and gets me motivated. It's obvious that you work really hard and I'm excited to see what fruits come from your hard work!

Hope you had a great day Polly!

Emma x

Abby said...

OMG I love your earrings! They are the perfect statement piece!
I love your blog, you have great taste!


Photostorming said...

I totally agree what you said!
And your earings are incredible :)