My costume designs for Little Shop of Horrors at Lincoln Hall UIUC!

 This was just dress rehearsal... we ended up putting Seymour in devil horns (via the director, Seth Valentine's request) and everyone else was wearing a halo!
I remember seeing a flyer in the hallway of the basement of Krannert for Little Shop of Horrors and getting excited to see it and I even considered joining the team for costumes. A few weeks later, my wonderful friend Liz sent me an e-mail introducing me to Aaron Kaplan, the creator of Illini Student Musicals. After meeting the wonderful cast and crew... I was hooked. There was no way I wasn't doing this production... and I am so incredibly glad I did. The ISM family was really something to experience.. and I will never forget how it felt to be a member in that family. The sense of community is so intense.... and it's wonderful in theatre, as always, to be part of the team. Everyone welcomed me with open arms into this wonderful production, and I'd specifically like to thank my assistant costume designer, Jennifer J. Jones. She taught me everything I learned about working at the warehouse, strike (ISM style), directions, etc. She is literally the best! Everyone on the cast and crew was absolutely phenomenal and I'm still raving about the experience. If you have a chance to be involved with ISM on the University of Illinois campus..... I recommend it to the highest degree! Theatre lives!
*All photos taken by the fabulous Nathan Adhikari. Please DO NOT take any of these photos to post anywhere else without linking his name and Thank you!
love, polly


Sammi said...

I didn't realize you did costume design! I looove what you did with the street urchins - the lady tie is such a nice touch! And I love the fascinator you put on Audrey! She's usually in tight, quasi-trashy dresses, and I love the classier, vintage vibe you gave her. The show looks awesome. :) Great job!

xox Sammi

Brittany Sims said...

They look so good, Polly! I love the continuity and can definitely see your style come out. I hope you get rave reviews! :)


Milex said...

You rock the world

Sammi said...

Hey lady! I'm responding on here, since I'm not sure if you'd get notification of a reply on my own blog... I work with a lot of local, professional theatre companies here in Rochester (where I am for the time being). I was living in NYC for a short while after college (I went to school for theatre performance on Staten Island), but had to come back home for financial reasons. I'm planning to move back to the NYC area (outside of the city this time) in June - that's the plan, anyway! Have you done a lot of costume work before? I'm glad to have found another blogger who is currently involved in the theatre world! :)

xox Sammi

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

Obsessed with that picture of the dentist and Seymour in his chair! Beautiful costumes as always, love!

Annika Victoria said...

Woooow. You are so amazing, Polly.

colormebrazen said...

Little Shop is one of my favorite musicals. You killed it! Love the pops of color in contrast to the misery of Skid Row.