Cinnamon Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Recipe

I make this smoothie almost every day.. and it's pretty healthy for you, especially if you have trouble eating bananas. I try to eat one banana every day! I don't drink cow's milk, so I use soy milk in this recipe. I used to be obsessed with drinking almond and rice milk, too, but those just don't have enough protein, so I switched back to soymilk!
Cinnamon Peanut butter Banana Recipe:
Fill your blender with:
1 banana (ripened & chopped)
2-3 ice cubes
a chunk of peanut butter
1 1/2 cups soy milk 
and blend!
I like to add cinnamon on top of the smoothie at the end and also drop in chocolate chips! (I know! I'm bad!)
(I really like dropping frozen chocolate chips in and fishing them out with my straw after the smoothie is gone!) 
love, polly 


shmabby said...

PJ- Try using chocolate almond milk and freeze your bananas rather than using ice cubes. You will die.

Photostorming said...

Looks so yummy, I'm gonna try tonight!

irene wibowo said...

it's yummy..: )Irene Wibowo

Anzouya said...

I'm soooooooo going to try this! Lately my favorite snack is peanut butter sandwich with banana and lots of cinnamon. It's delicious and I'm sure it'll be even better on a smoothie.
Thanks for sharing! :-)

bridget anne said...

this looks soooo good. was dying when you instagrammed it the other day. and i love how you photographed it!

Annika Victoria said...

I constantly tell my boyfriend that it's not weird to put peanut butter in a smoothie. He will never believe me. (Such a source of friction in our relationship, haha)
Anyway, I am showing him this, thank you Polly :)