win or lose: keep moving

A couple of months ago, I made an announcement that my store, Paulie Antiques, (currently online only) would be materializing into a real space in Champaign, IL (in collaboration with another boutique). These photos were taken right after a meeting I had with a very nice woman who worked for a boutique in town who offered me a space free of charge for my designs and products. I was so incredibly excited that I couldn't stand it and decided I'd pour all of my extra time and energy into this to make Paulie Antiques grow even more than it already has since 2010. I was eager to begin the process and I started brainstorming right away! I e-mailed the owner of the boutique with my ideas (who I'd never met). Weeks passed by without any word from the owner of the building my designs were to be displayed in, and I started to feel worried. I contacted the lady I spoke with who worked there and had a meeting with in earlier weeks and she told me that she needed other artists to fill the space with me (like a collaboration of three or four). I began to realize that not only was I responsible for my own space in the store, but I was (seemingly) responsible for finding other artists like myself to fill the rest of the space.... or else it wouldn't happen. People kept asking me about when my physical store would open up and where.... it was getting a little frustrating. I always kept the name of the boutique and the people working there anonymous due to this reason. As months passed by, I began to stop dreaming of my designs and inventory in that particular space. I stopped and took a deep breath in and just let it go. If it wasn't meant to be, then it wasn't meant to be. In this case, it wasn't meant to be because I had to rely on other artists to fill the space with me (and I didn't really know many!).... but it only fueled my dream of the future for Paulie Antiques, and let's face it- it was wonderful that I had an offer for a space free of rent!! The point is.... never let this kind of thing bring you down, only let it build you up. Just keep thinking positive and never stop doing what you're passionate about. I know my dreams will come to me some day... and that is what I have to live for. Opportunities come and go, but you as a creative artist are here to stay. Don't waste your time relying on other people to make your dream come true.... DO something about it. Don't let your dreams slip away... keep dreaming every day and good things will come to you! This experience has empowered me to be wiser, more creative, choosy, and "to the punch" so to speak. Instead of feeling defeated (for no other reason than the fact that I had to rely on other artists) I picked myself up and started thinking of what else I could create to keep my brand moving along. I hope this inspires you to do the same with any creative endeavor you're pursuing! Good luck and don't forget that you are a creative force!

Outfit details: coat- gift c/o Carley Cornelius
wedges: Jeffrey Campbell via Modcloth
skirt- handmade, Goodwill 
top- made by me for my Paulie Antiques Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Show!
tights- UO
love, polly


LolaDee said...

Love love love this post. Honest and inspiring. Have no doubt you will achieve your dreams. What is meant for you won't pass you by xo


Liz Brown said...

Sometime soon it will happen again, and it'll work this time. :) You have such a good attitude about it!

Marja said...

Love this post! Don't let your dreams slip away. I know you'll have your very own shop someday!!