outfit: wooded wonderland

Nathan Adhikari and I shot these last weekend on a whim. I'd seen this location before and knew it was perfect. It's strange because it's literally a lot in between apartment complexes. It's strange to see lots of untouched wilderness in between houses and apartment complexes.... but it's also so magical. I know I haven't been too good with outfit photos (especially in Fall and Winter!) So, hopefully this propels me to keep up with taking more of them (although it's not too cold in Urbana, yet!)
Outfit Details: 1970's Blue and White Maxi Dress- for sale soon at Paulie Antiques
pink tights- vintage 1980's, my mother's
orange wedges- Target
gloves- vintage, Salvation Army
fur collar- vintage, my Great Grandmother Frisina's
umbrella- vintage, estate sale locally
*all photos shot by the incredibly talented Nathan Adhikari! Please visit his facebook page!
How is the weather near you? It felt like Sping last weekend in central, IL!
love, polly :)


Liz Brown said...

Just admiring that fur collar ... and then reading that it was your g-grandmothers! Extra special.

(It isn't springlike here. Its about 5 degrees. Ew.)

miss teacups said...

Polly, you are just...stunning.

Bad Taste Toast said...

Beautiful photos, such a pretty dress and umbrella! And I love the scenery!

Gracey Ighut said...

loving the whole from the dress to the atmosphere! :)

Annika Victoria said...

awwwh, these photos!! and that umbrella is something incredible

Karin (Wunderlust) said...

Beautiful dream girl