Lolita Style: An Exploration

I find Lolita style to be so interesting (although I could never dress like that every day!) The mix of inspirations they pull from is definitely my interest... but the thing is, they don't seem to actually wear real vintage. This is so interesting, anyway! I love how in Japan it's widely accepted and applauded. I really want to visit Japan :) What do you think of this trend? Do you know any cute online shops that sell Lolita style? Here's the Angelic Pretty website.

(also... this video is TOO MUCH!!! hahaha) 
love, polly


Lucia said...

I couldn't wear super cute dress like that, I prefer Mori girl style than Lolita :D

Polly Bland said...

that's interesting.... I'll have to look Mori Girl style up!

Thanks! :)