Joao's Soiree to Welcome Him Back Home!

Last night I had a little "Welcoming Back Soiree" in Joao's honor. He's come back after 3 months living on a 100 acre farm after this shoot! Read about his story here! This was the first party I've ever thrown on my own... and it was so nice! Thank you so much to everyone who came! WE LOVE YOU!
love, polly and joao


CĂ©line Broussard said...

<3 hahahaha that picture of us Polly!

Anonymous said...

Aww, he's just so cute and you have no idea how glad I am that he's back home safe and sound! You look beautiful as always in these photos! I'm glad you had fun and it was a big success!

losttinafairytale said...

ah your cat is so adorable and cute! and you look wonderfull on these photo's, love your dress! it's so romantic