Blackened Plantains for Breakfast

When I buy Plantains... it's always 3 at a time because I eat them so often! My mom is the one who really got me addicted to their sweet taste... except she chopped them up and put powdered sugar on top! In this recipe, I just warm a skillet with extra virgin olive oil from Trader Joe's and slice the Plantain in half (it's easier to do this with the peel on- then you can take the peel off). I fry them in the skillet until they are blackened and then I like to drizzle La Lechera on top. I also blogged about Plantains made the way my mother taught me. I also made Plantain and Strawberry Pancakes! Let me know how you like it if you do try it.... Happy Monday!
love, polly 


Emma said...

I admit I had no idea what a plantain was so I googled it. Does it taste like a banana? I have never seen them for sale here! Looks yummy though!

Emma x

The Braided Bandit said...

This sounds so good! I really like plantains but I do not think I have ever actually bought one to cook from the grocery store! Definitely want to try this, thanks for sharing Polly!
xo Hannah