bath time

Strange habit of mine: I probably take at least one bath every single day. Last week I took THREE baths in one day! I know I'm stressed out based on the amount of baths I take. It's so nice to sit there and relax when it fills up (especially in the winter time!) It's kind of a guilty pleasure. Do you have any guilty pleasures that kick in when fall begins?
love, polly :)


Emma said...

Polly I am so jealous! I WISH I had a bath in my apartment, but sadly I only have a shower. I really miss having baths, I used to look forward to having one every weekend. So sad. I will have to live vicariously through you and your daily baths!

Also, your nail polish is lovely!

Emma x

Anonymous said...

Ugh, you lucky woman! I wish i had a bath tub! I want to take a nice bubble bath right now. I guess my guilty pleasure is lighting up a bunch of spice scented candles and making a nice dinner for Rob and I! Sounds cheesy doesn't it?! Love the nail polish and adorable tea cup!!

Heather Belle said...

No bath tubs here at my college :( I'd love to take a bath every day!
xo Heather

Flys in a Peach can said...

I so wish I had a bath. Also you are just amazingly rad for taking that many baths in one day heehee.

Stephanie said...

love the last picture. so cozy!

Ruthy said...

I think it has been almost 7 or 8 years since I last took a bath!! Isn't that insane!! When I lived in England I would take them once in a while. I do love bath's but I don't know why it has not crossed my mind lately.

Well now to share one of my guilty pleasures... drinking coffee, tea, or wine is one of my guilty pleasures.

If I had an awesome deep bathtub I think I probably would take a lot of baths but my bathtub is small and not cozy and I get cold since it is not deep enough.

Amber said...

I wish I could fit a bath into my day everyday but unfortunately I usually only have time for shower, but I sure do enjoy those days when I get to relax in a hot tub

Romain said...

Me too. One more thing we have in commom :)