wandering with the wind: a story of loss

Could that be the last time I will ever see her again? I can barely even write. She left a handkerchief which she embroidered my name on and also a Haiku of Basho poems book. Years ago when we first lived together, she also gave me her cat, Joao. She trusted me with him and I lost him last Sunday in a vast cornfield. After the two week stay with me this summer, she left to pursue the west coast of the U.S. I heard from her about a week later and then no more. She's traveling dangerously via freight trains and hitch hiking all on her lonesome. She hasn't contacted any of her friends or family for quite some time now.... about a month. My mind runs wild every day with what she is doing and hoping she is okay. I've been talking to her sister asking if she's heard from her for the past couple of weeks and she's heard nothing. Emily's new cell phone says it's not receiving phone calls and I have NO idea where she is. Last thing I knew... she was heading to Colorado. I've lost all connections to her but I knew I had Joao. He is an explorer like Emily, too... wild and feral at heart without apology. I pray to the universe every day that it will bring them both back to me... but waiting takes time.. and patience is a virtue worth practicing. Until then, I will read the poems she left me.. and pray for both of their survival. For they cannot be caged... this I know.
Emily and Joao in 2010.
There is a hole in my heart for both of you..... please come back to me.
love, polly


Christi Lynn said...

i just love cats.

Ana Silva said...

awwwww the cat is so fat and LOVELY! i love fat cats ahahahaha<3

Emma said...

Polly I'm so sorry to hear this, please keep us informed, I will pray for your friend that she is safe.

Emma x

Mel said...

It must be so distressing not to know. I hope they're okay and that they'll come back to you.

lisa said...

I hope they both find their way back to you or you at least hear good news soon! Hugs!