my favorite places in Champaign-Urbana: Le Shoppe

This is my friend Stanley Lee and he owns a vintage shop in Champaign, IL located on University Ave. We have been talking about collaborating for quite some time now, and I wanted to introduce you to him and his shop so you get a sense of his style. He is such an interesting person and I really enjoy looking through his store and just haning out with him in general. You can also follow him on instagram at @socalledjunk and visit his facebook page. I am so excited to collaborate with you, Stanley!
p.s. what are your favorite items in his shop?
love, polly :)


Heather Belle said...

That shop looks so interesting! Those shoes are all so cute!
xo Heather

Emily Elizabeth said...

Gah! This shop is super amazing! I'd be in there all day. All that vintage jewelry ♥ ♥

MySpecialAgent said...

That turtle bank would have to come home and live with me.

Emma said...

Poll! I totally feel for you, I am so happy to be past the back to school years but I can completely remember that horrible dread I would get towards the end of August! My younger brother started back today (he's only 15) and I felt so bad for him! But at least you had a fun and productive summer and I found every year went by faster each time!

Lovely photos too, those strawberries are making my very hungry! The photo of you and hannah is so cute!

Emma x

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I'll take one of everything, thanks. :)

ELM said...

I want every single one of those three shoes! I think I would be tap dancing down the street if I had them. Love your blog!

x Eva