Hannah Gottlieb-Graham for Paulie Antiques Summer 2012

A couple weeks ago my friend Hannah and I both dressed up in my clothes and made another lookbook for Paulie Antiques Summer 2012. We also spray painted these golden hydrangeas together! Hannah and I had such a great time... we were on a little excursion to find the perfect railroad tracks. We searched and searched and then finally stumbled upon it! I didn't get away without a few "souvenirs" (aka BRUISES on my legs!) but it was worth it and still such a great time! I love you, Hannah! Thanks for being my friend :)
Hannah's outfit: dress- Modcloth, one of my favorites
red suitcase-vintage, yard sale
blue/green traincase- vintage, gift from Jess Prichard
1950's pink hat- vintage, for sale in my shop soon
clementine earrings- my creation, for sale here
necklace- vintage, yard sale
mirror- vintage 1940's, Salvation Army
red velvet ribbon- found at Salvation Army
heels- ebay
Polly's outfit: 1950's yellow pencil skirt- vintage Pendelton, Salvation Army
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
hat- vintage, for sale in my shop
ring- repurposed vintage, etsy
blouse- antique early 1900's, Red Herring Vintage Sale
*both outfits styled by Polly Bland for Paulie Antiques
love, polly


Yajaira said...

such a pretty dress
love it
love the hair

Antee Gurung said...

Wowlovethe pics looks like some movies shot

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Antee Gurung said...

Loved the video aswell

losttinafairytale said...

Lovely photo's, like always! And your dress is great!


Kailey said...

Absolutely LOVE this and I was in stitches at you yelling "IT'S TIME TO GO HOME" at the end! <333

chestnutmocha said...

this is so cool! love your photos!
we have a painting giveaway on our blog by the way if you are interested!