Abandoned chair in a field

Hannah and I stumbled upon this "free" vintage chair a few days ago and I immediately knew it would be perfect for a photo shoot. We picked it up and bungie corded it inside of my car trunk and we were off. We were aimlessly driving for a while until we stumbled upon this field.... and then we knew it was the perfect location. We both picked up the chair and dragged it out into the field (we were so short of breath after!). We laughed the whole time and had such fun. I love shooting photos with this lady!
And, yes, we left the chair there for other people to find :)
Polly's Outfit: Scarf- vintage, gift 
skirt- Borrowed from Hannah, Forever 21
shoes- thrifted from Salvation Army, I spray painted them orange
flower- Borrowed from Hannah, Forever 21
Hannah's Outfit: Socks- borrowed from me, American Apparel
yellow ochre sweater- Forever 21
love, polly


Liz Brown said...

I love the yellow tops, green socks, old chair and the suitcase. :) I think its so fun that you just left the chair there ... someone might have another amazing idea for it :)

losttinafairytale said...

these photo's are just perfection! Love it!


KristiMcMurry said...

What a fun shoot! I love the one of you brushing your hair and the one of her resting her hear in the seat and looking up. Very cute!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Yay, how fun are these pictures. You guys look so pretty and it seems like you had a lot of fun. So glad you left that chair, that's super sweet of you.

♥ Em

Despina T. said...

love the concept of this beautiful!you look great.

Anonymous said...

Best outfits yet! You both look so adorable and natural. These photos could easily be from a glossy mag fashion shoot =)

Heather Belle said...

The two of you are stunning! Clearly the perfect place to stick a vintage chair... in a field X-) Haha

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oh, how right you are. That chair is an amazing find and it is so gorgeous.

Kayti said...

Is it strange that every time I read your posts I'm just reminded of how badly I want you to take my wedding pictures? And I'm not even getting married anytime soon, not even planning on it... Love your blog!


Faye said...

I really love your photoshoot posts, you have such a consistent style yet every shoot is still so unique! I love the green socks!
faye x

The Braided Bandit said...

THESE ARE SPECTACULAR, you ladies are too freaking cute. Love the chair and both of your outfits, I feel like they are still summery but in fall tones, the perfect initiation into next season!
Thanks for sharing, lovely as usual!
xo Hannah

Anonymous said...

Lovelovelove this! You ladies are gorgeous. <3