Allegra & Elena Wentworth for Paulie Antiques!

Last week the beautiful Allegra and Elena Wentworth were kind enough to do a photo shoot with Nathan Adhikari and I. We brought so many props from my room that I thought I was going to faint! Luckily it was all worth it and they had a magical couple of hours while modeling. Here are the results of another vintage lookbook for Paulie Antiques........................
German tea cups and saucers from the 1950's that used to reside in my Grandma Kutch's antique store!
Allegra and some fresh hydrangeas we picked that day.
Allegra's outfit: Her own red sun hat- Carrie's Antiques
My Mother's vintage scarf as a top
A coral skirt I thrifted at Goodwill
Vintage 1980's heels soon to be in the shop!
pepper earrings I purchased from Carrie's Antiques
her own golden bangle necklace
orange nail polish I purchased from Loreal
Elena's outfit: orange nail polish I purchased from Loreal
My Mother's vintage pink scarf as a top
A blue and black checked skirt I thrifted from Goodwill
A pink flower ring I purchased from etsy
vintage 1980's pastel pink heels soon available in the shop!
A teal and silver vintage bracelet I purchased at Rebecca's Antiques in Taylorville, IL
Lime slice earrings, made by me, available in my shop.
A few behind the scenes photos:
Me and the girls looking through some of the photos from that day.
My hands decorating Elena's hair with hydrangea flowers....
(and the video I made!)
I'm wearing: A crop top I made for the Spring 2012 Paulie Antiques fashion show
a skirt I thrifted
my favorite vintage locket from Salvation Army
All photos taken by my very talented friend Nathan Adhikari!
love, polly


Kailey said...

This is such a gorgeous shoot! Everything looks absolutely beautiful :3

Niyah said...

beautiful photos and styling :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Amazing photos, amazing styling - the colours, the colours! *swoons*

Brandi, The Beatniq said...

I love this shoot, it's so much fun and so well done!

Madeline Grace said...

These are so pretty Polly! I love your photography!

Jenny Holiday said...



Ivana said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! This is such a beautiful and perfectly styled photoshoot! I love all the props, they add an amazing vintage vibe! Perfection!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Annika Victoria said...

You are such a talented lady! These are the most gorgeous photos and prettiest styling - those fruit earrings?? So freaking cool!

Emma said...

I love th ephotos Polly! The girls are beautiful, they have the most amazing hair! Hydrangeas are perfect aren't they? Such a talented photographer!

Emma x

Lindan Noel said...

Love, love, love. :)

The Braided Bandit said...

These are too cute! I love your styling, especially your use of sorbet colors throughout! The punches of summer color are so beautiful! My favorites are the one on the tree stump and the stacked german tea cups! Awesome work as usual!
Have an amazing weekend!
xo Hannah