springtime scarves

It's been getting very hot and humid this Spring (Summer officially starts June 20!) and I've taken to wrapping a scarf around my head quite fondly. I really find that it keeps my hair out of my face and keeps me cooler when the sun beats down. I have quite a few scarves collected by now... and the collection is really starting to fill up one of my dresser drawers! Have you tried this trend? This is really the first time in my life I've worn a scarf on my head. How do you like to wear scarves? Any suggestions? I'd love to hear! P.S. You can also vote for this post by clicking here at!
outfit details:
Blue dotted swiss blouse: Ann Taylor
Pastel blue pencil skirt: Goodwill in Edwardsville, IL
Oxfords: Goodwill in Springfield, IL
Suitcase: Vintage, gift from Natalie Loveland and Jess Prichard
scarf: Vintage, gift 
love, polly :D


Sara said...

I live in England so it's not really warm enough yet to justify that haha! But can't wait to try it looks great :)X

Maria Elyse said...

I love wearing vintage scarves as headbands! It looks adorable on you. :) And this is the weirdest thing ever, but my sister Ann totally has the same exact vintage scarf that you're wearing!! She thrifted it last year. You guys are like twiiiiiiins. haha I think it's the coolest thing when you find someone who has the same vintage piece as you do. :)


Marina Gálvez Roldán said...

I love your blog, I love the vintage style! the pictures are amazing! I follow your blog kisses Love

egocentryczna said...

thanks, following you!


Marca said...

I love your photos! I love your happy, encouraging words! And I loooooove reading your blog! :)

Pauline said...

I love in Holland and the weather is horrible; I hate it. But on the other side.. I have a lot of tests; so it's good.
Nice pictures!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aww you look so lovely in the pictures! I love how you wear he scarf as a headband!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I love the look of scarves... but not on me. I put them on and then take them off before I walk out the door. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, just not confident... ot r they really just don't suit me face shape and hair, or my style. Oh, the dilemma! ;)

That feature colour is my very favourist colour. Okay, equal with lipstick red and a pinky red that I like to call blush. See, I make up colour names - idiot!

bridget anne said...

you look darling. love that staircase you shoot on! it's the bee's knees.