Our Vacation to St. Louis!

1. My delicious veggie burger at Range with cranberry sour cream....
2. Iced coffee and my clementine soda at Soulard Coffee Garden.
3. My eggs benedict
4. I'm silly
5 & 8  LOVE Vintage Vinyl....
6. We did, indeed, have a good dinner at Blueberry Hill with my friends Ellen and Noah.
7 & 8 A crazy beautiful cathedral we visited downtown that stunned me.
9. Ben and Jerry's! 
10. Abby and Jessica's kittie.
11 & 12 espresso rubbed burger at Range and their delicious fries with cheese!
18 & 19 Time spent at the St. Louis Museum of History! This is my dream car and also one of the most BEAUTIFUL dresses I've ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE!
20. Of course I loved this.... 
21 & 22 Outside of the Art Museum
23. Admiring the cathedral back door
love, polly


Brittany Sims said...

Looks like a great trip, and that veggie burger sounds so good! :)


Emma said...

That ice cream looks soooo scrumptious!

Bad Taste Toast said...

This looks like a perfect trip, theres eveything that I love involved: food (yum the burger looks so good), museum, cathedral, shopping and friends! :)

April said...

Looks like you had the best time! All my friends are taking trips lately and I am so jealous. I'm just itchin' to go anywhere!

MySpecialAgent said...

I need that Vintage Vinyl store in my life!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww you are the cutest! just found your blog and wanted to say hi! x

Liz Brown said...

I just can't get over how CUTE you two are all the time. Your clothes! The cute things you do! The cute things you eat! The cute things you see! And ... I really want to try an espresso rubbed burger!

Jessica Sharpe said...

That dress is beauuuuuutiful I would wear it all day and all night and perhaps also in the evenings, dusk and dawn too. In fact I'm not sure when I wouldn't wear it.

Jess xox

Eleni said...'re not vegan anymore?! I don't mean that to sound like a criticism, it's just that I thought you were really enjoying it so I'm curious to hear more about your conversion. I've always imagined it would be a really hard diet to stick to but have often thought about giving it a try for the health benefits, plus I have a few vegan friends so it's always good to get ideas of meals I can feed them when they come round!

Lauren said...

Love your lace top. As far as I know, there's only one record store in Wichita. They have really great prices, but it's a pretty small store. Paul and I might need to make a trip to St. Louis to add to our collection!