Chicago adventures: day one

I went to visit the city of Chicago last Monday and Tuesday because my friend Emily is leaving for Philadelphia soon and I have no idea when I'll get to see her again. I also met up with my friend Abby Taylor and Lauren Blakeman along the way. We had a great time and I really enjoyed the getaway so much! I can't wait to go back again. Here are the photos from the first day only...... .
1. When I first arrived in Chicago... so happy.
2. Potbelly's while waiting for Emily to find me.
3. Emily giving me a look.
4. Emily, Abby and I's feet while waiting for the train
 5. A cute display in a vintage store.
6. My train ticket 
7. My $4.50 french toast on the train
8. Emily waiting for the train
9. Matthew and Abby going into a vintage store.
10. Abby and I by the hydrangeas
11. Yummy fruit with chili powder and lime 
12. Emily by the train
13. & 14. I found some beautiful fabric here to start my Paulie Antiques Summer 2012 collection with!
15. Emily and Abby when I first arrived in Chicago
16. Emily freeing a dead bird's soul....
17. Emily and Abby on the way to the Silo
18. Emily surveying her living room from above..
19. Welcoming home
20. Me standing in Emily's front door..
love, polly :D


MarieAntoinette said...

Hi darling! Thanks for your sweet comment. I also followed you :)
I will also add you to my blog list in a column. Would you add me too? :)

Jenny Stokes said...

I just got back from Chicago!! I loved it there!! I stopped in at H&M and found the cutest stuff! Looks like you are having an amazing time!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I don't usually swoon over food, bu that second pic... nom, nom, nom.

I spotted the hydrangeas immediately. Have I ever told you that I love them too? I am such a nerd when it comes to them, I get so excited about the different shades...

I have a tattoo design that is floral Roses, and hydrangeas, mostly, and kittke birds... it is really big and I am going to get it ... one day.

Bad Taste Toast said...

Amazing photos, looks like you had a fantastic time! :) I especially love the food pics, mmhhh I love to eat haha ;D

LolaDee said...

Looks like fun. Am so excited to go there! Does your friend seriously live in that building? That looks like an interesting story!


bridget anne said...

i spot some CUTE oxfords AND san, in other words, it's love.

Hena Tayeb said...

I was born in Chicago.. still have so much family there.. looks like you are having a blast..and you all look great.