outfit: so I'll be out til the shimmering dies

Since this year I am trying new things... here are two new (ish) items I'm trying to incorporate into more of my outfits. Number one: PANTS, number two: wearing my hair up! Now that I have a job as a waitress at a fancy french restaurant and I have to wear my hair up every day I work there I have realized that I need to expand my hair styles. I hate getting stuck in a rut and getting bored with my hair... but I've pretty much worn it the same way my whole life. I see all of these cute hair tutorials and I don't even bother because I just deem my hair as unruly and messy. It's so uncontrollable sometimes that I hate putting it up or even messing with it at all. It seems that nothing will smooth my curly fly-aways, so I just leave it down.
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Also, while I was shopping for black clothing at Salvation Army (for work) I stumbled upon these pants and I couldn't pass them up for anything. I feel like they should be in a 1970's Sears Catalog Ad! 
outfit details:
vintage 1980's lace gloves: my mothers
vintage 1980's blue bow heels: Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
Vintage 1970's Sears bell bottoms: Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
vintage white metal necklace: gift
yellow suitcase: gift 
sunglasses: borrowed
vintage 1980's black and white striped blouse: Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
1950's floral German earrings: my Grandmother Kutch
I hope you're having a nice week...!
love, polly :D


Grace A. said...

you=adorable !!!! love.

Anonymous said...

i adore your blog, im definitely following now, stay in touch xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oh, oh - what a gorgeous outfit. You know what I adore about your style? You are so neat, pretty and sweet and that tatt just turns it all on it's head. You are just gorgeous. x

poziomka said...

Your blog is soooo lovely! And your style is amazing! I'm following you :)

Anonymous said...

adore your style!you're amazing!!
follow you!if you want check out my blog!

Amber said...

this is a fab outfit. Those red pants are drool worthy.
PS thanks for introducing me to Annette Hanshaw :)

The Braided Bandit said...

I know you hardly ever wear pants (at least on the blog), but you are totally rocking these Polly!