1970's dress alteration

 I decided that I loved the sleeves on this dress too much to pass it up at Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. However, something needed to be done about the length, so I hemmed it today. I just used a roll hem after I leveled it on my dress form and then stitched it on up! I didn't mean for it to turn out this short on me.... but I think it still works! What do you think of the before and after? XO!
love, polly


Heather Belle said...

So unbearably cute! Never would've guessed the dress would've looked that cute just from making it a bit shorter!
xo Heather

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Excellent work! I am wearing something kind of similar today. I have a 1950s maxi on, that I had taken up to just under the knee, so it is wearable by day. It is a shame to pass up something lovely if it only needs a little customisation.

bridget anne said...

and i even thought it looked cute before! but my oh my, afterwards, it's even better. you have such a talent! oh how i wish i could sew even just a little claim to fame is one pathetic pocket square for my husband. oy.

Andrea D said...

Those are definitely fun sleeves! Love how you altered the dress...and I love your blue shoes, too :)

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

polly! awesome dress. i have sooo many of those sitting in my closet waiting for me to fix my sewing machine so i can start hemming them! this is great inspiration to do just that!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

hueys said...

wow, such an amazing print and good alteration!

Looking great in it, babe (;

kisses from singapore

Aliya said...

My oh my what a beautiful dres! You did an amazing job altering it and the new length looks gorgeous on you!

x Aliya

lisa said...

I love the restyle! The shorter length helps the sleeves stand out and look even more amazing. Great job! Love your styling with those beautiful blue shoes and the suitcase :)

miss teacups. said...

WOW!!! This dress is fantastic. I have a friend who would lose her mind over this dress. SO the restyle too, it definitely modernizes it and makes it super sexy...and I never, ever use that word. The sleeves are to die for!

thursday said...

This is wonderful! I remember wearing a dress like as part of my Halloween costume when I was a tiny little thing. I can't imagine what's become of the poor thing now but I surely wish it was in my closet.

Nice restyle Polly! ♥